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True Transparency

True transparency and traceability are what Maeden stands for every single step of the way – from showcasing who the designer is to where it’s made and from which premium skin. To meet these standards, Maeden works responsibly alongside the finest craftsmen found locally in The Netherlands and in Europe. That’s what Maeden prides itself on: Dutch design heritage and local craftsmanship to be safe guarded for future generations.

Few will know that The Netherlands has an illustrious history of tanneries. Up until the 1960s this is where you could get the most exceptional skins, the leather treated with attentive and loving care. As years went by, tanneries across The Netherlands slowly disappeared and most of the business moved to far-flung continents. This has obviously resulted in a loss of local craftsmanship which Maeden aims to bring back. That’s the reason why Maeden decided to partner up with one of the last remaining tanneries, Vitelco Leather, that still operates locally and can guarantee full traceability. This is key to Maeden’s sense of quality, durability, and luxury.

The most treasured, but also the most difficult to establish characteristic of Maeden-leather is that it’s incredibly refined. This is the case because Maeden works exclusively with so-called ‘full grain leather’: the highest quality, most beautiful, and most comfortable leather available because it’s in no way, shape or form treated or altered to be any different than its natural texture. Natural pores and grain textures remain intact, the surface breathes, and the skin develops patina over time. This is the exception instead of the rule: a treatment (or lack thereof) that is closest to nature which Maeden values. While working with a premium as well as fully natural leather it’s rather complex to reach an evenness throughout. Maeden has been able to pull this off: the combination of a natural, untouched texture with delicate imperfections and a totally uniform look and feel.

That extends to the use of colors, who were mixed to each designer’s wishes from a vast spectrum of about fifty different shades and are, therefore, unique and buzzing with life. The chosen dyes aren’t pigments, but so-called anilines. This makes for a transparent instead of an opaque finish, leaving the rich, natural texture of the leather skin visible. The Maeden colors are sprayed on in a multitude of layers which adds to the incredible depth. Because the leather is taken care of so well from beginning to end it’s ultimately as scratch-free and pristine as possible.

Not only does Maeden help keep home-grown crafts alive, every single Maeden bag is fully traceable. Inside the buttery soft suede lining of every bucket or tote bag there’s a nine-digit code, alongside the designer’s name, referring to the specific design, the material, the color of the material, the number out of the series produced and so on. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Maeden leather goods are traceable up until the tiniest detail. This is totally unique, that Maeden directs the whole chain from A to Z. Maeden is fully committed to this transparent way of working and thereby aims to challenge the status quo in the leather and luxury industry. 






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