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Maeden tells new and compelling narratives from a storied Dutch design heritage.

For us, the epitome of luxury is pure craftsmanship performed with full transparency. We hold a unique position by partnering with century-old ateliers and heritage tanneries in The Netherlands. These close-knit connections enable Maeden to work locally and innovate responsibly. Moreover, we’re able to monitor the whole process: from the selection and delicate treatment of our leathers, to the design, development and crafting of our products. Insight into the full process and making better decisions at every step of the way are what sets us apart.  

Our core objective is to innovate by bringing together craftspeople and visionary designers from varied disciplines. Together they sustain precious heritage crafts while creating contemporary classics.

Our bags are versatile and encapsulate novel Dutch design and its sense of understated luxury. We leave the finish of our leather as natural as possible, to show off the beautifully delicate grain and uniform texture that we color in deep custom tones. Our products may appear simple at first glance, but the deceptively unfussy designs are technically complex and incredibly detailed. In one word: pure, completely in line with our definition of genuine luxury through craftsmanship.

Traceability is part and parcel of the transparent way we work. All elements of our products are traceable up to the tiniest detail, including the materials thoughtfully used in the process. All leather is custom-made of the highest quality Dutch hides, by-products of the local dairy industry and waste if not used.

Maeden is a playful nod to the ‘maiden’ from classical mythology. Yet not in a literal sense, since Maeden’s designs and ethics are in no way tied to any age or gender. Our name is more of a philosophical take on the idea of the ‘maiden’. She embraces the art of life and values her Maeden bag as wearable art, while walking to the beat of her own drum.





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