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True Traceability

Maeden is fully committed to a transparent way of working and thereby aims to challenge the status quo in the leather and luxury industry. Our philosophy centers around intentional craftsmanship, creating pieces designed to last for generations. We are committed to integrating sustainable practices throughout our entire process: from design conception to the origin of our premium certificated leather.

Few will know of the illustrious history of Dutch tanneries. Up until the 1960s, the most exceptional leather, hides treated with the utmost care and attention, came from The Netherlands. As years went by, tanneries across The Netherlands slowly disappeared due to globalization which lead to the loss of local craftsmanship. Maeden proudly supports the heritage craft by partnering with one of the last remaining tanneries, Vitelco Leather, that still operates locally and guarantees full traceability. This is the key to Maeden’s sense of quality, longevity, and luxury.

Our full transparency commitment starts with the traceability of our hides' origin. Our partnered tannery only produces leather from byproducts of local dairy farms and operates their own wastewater treatment plant, ensuring that water (a crucial element to the tanning process) is cleared and reused. The close-knit collaboration empowers us to make responsible decisions in production. For example, we only produce the exact square meters of leather we need per season, minimizing waste. All our leather is certified Silver Rated and aligned with the goals of Leather Naturally, an association that focuses on the education and promotion of sustainable leather.

We dedicate time and intention to determine the most sustainable approach to everything. Our design process is just so. Lead by our creative director, Christian Heikoop, the designs are timeless and classic, aiming to transcend fleeting trends and ensure longevity. Then, our assembly atelier, located in the Scandicci region of Italy (an area with a longstanding heritage of crafting fine leather goods), materialize our designs with technical finesse and precision allowing our leather goods to stand the test of time. And lastly, aligning with our goal of eco-conscious design, our single-material packaging does not use any plastics, minimizes ink, and can be easily recycled.

At Maeden, we believe that luxury should be both timeless and responsible. Our transparent partnerships and focus on longevity set us apart, guiding us towards a future where traceability and transparency define the essence of true luxury.

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