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Maeden is paving a new pathway to luxury based on pure, transparant craftsmanship.

We design products based on the heritage of Dutch design. Up until the 1960s The Netherlands produced exceptional leather hides with loving care. Over the years, storied tanneries across The Netherlands slowly disappeared as most businesses relocated across the globe. This resulted in a loss of local craftsmanship, which is precisely what Maeden aims to restore and sustain. That’s why we decided to partner up with one of the last remaining tanneries, Vitelco Leather, that operates locally and guarantees full traceability up to the individual skin. This transparency is key to Maeden’s sense of quality, durability, and luxury.

Our products are crafted to last for generations. We minimize wastage through quality and longevity. But it’s not just the leather that lasts. Our aesthetics break fast fashion with designs that are contemporary, classic and future-proof.

Maeden is made of people: from our tannery experts and designers to the conscious consumers who purchase our products. We build open and collaborative relationships with our likeminded suppliers to bring long-lasting change and innovate meticulously. To meet our high standards of quality, we work with the finest craftsmen found in The Netherlands and Europe. We’re partnered with a century-old atelier and tannery in The Netherlands to safe-guard Dutch design heritage and local craftsmanship for future generations. We have also partnered with a woman-led atelier, run by two Tuscan sisters. Their unmatched and exemplary expertise in bag-making meets the specific demands of our designs. Fostering new connections with and learning from exemplary local producers is how we aim to build lasting relationships and a new sustainable craftsmanship for future generations.

Our leather is tanned and dyed exclusively in The Netherlands. All our hides are a by-product of the food industry. We are aligned with the goals of Leather Naturally, an industry members association that focuses on the education and promotion of sustainable leather. Learn more on

Water is essential for leather production. Manufacturing leather currently involves a system of water based processes, utilizing water as the transport medium and diluent for the tanning processed required. Our tannery runs their own wastewater treatment plant to clear and reuse all water.

True transparency and traceability are what Maeden stands for - from showcasing who the designer is to exactly what our products are made out of. We invite our conscious customers to trace all the materials and techniques used. From there on our customers decide if our products meet their sustainability standards. We are always open for suggestions on how to reduce the impact of our product.

Inside the lining of every product you will find a nine-digit code, alongside the designer’s name, referring to the specific design, the material, the custom developed color of the material, and serial number. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Maeden leather goods are uniquely traceable up until the tiniest detail. Maeden is fully committed to this transparent way of working and thereby aims to challenge the status quo in the leather and luxury industry.

We minimize the use of ink and print in our packaging. We use no plastics in our company logistics. Ecodesign is our goal. Our gift boxes are made from pulp-colored, long fiber cellulose material, made in a paper plant that has more than three hundred and twenty years of experience. Our packaging is assembled locally in the South of the Netherlands where instead of with ink, we heat emboss our brand logo in paper. Similarly, for our cover bags, the Maeden marks are not printed but woven into the cotton. This results in single-material packaging that makes recycling straightforward.



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